Awesome 80’s Dinner Event

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Remember the 80’s?  They were like, totally awesome, right!

Let’s rewind to the decade of neon and big hair.
You are like totally gonna wanna be there!
There will be fun, games, food, and wine.
All the right stuff to have a great time!

We “just can’t get enough!”  delicious food from Jacobi’s!

So we are going to “Get into the groove.”  of 80’s style with big hair, neon, leg warmers, and more.

“Bust a move” to buy your tickets and join the fun!

It will be a “Celebration” of the 80’s, great food, and local wines!

What chu talkin bout Willis?  A Four course dinner including a spring salad, wild mushroom sacchetti pasta, pork loin with a cran apricot sauce and a side of carrots, and sorbet for dessert.  Each course paired with amazing local Walla Walla wine.

Wheres the beef?  Jacobi’s historic train car

Hammer time?  Drinks start at 5:30 pm and dinner starts at 6:00 pm, Friday, January 27th.

Buy your tickets HERE for only $47, and you’ll be “Walking on Sunshine!”

 “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”            – Ferris Bueller

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